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From our Clients

One Transcription Services has been lifesavers for our organization on many different occasions over the last two years.  Their professionalism, accuracy, and promptness are beyond compare.
I would strongly like to recommend that you use One Transcription for all of your transcription needs. They hold true to everything they say they will do for you. Any problems are addressed immediately. I promise you will not be sorry.
Working with One Transcription for the past year has been such a wonderful experience. The customer service we receive is exceptional. They ago above and beyond to help out in any way they can whether its updating software on computers to improve & simplify the downloading of files and/or finding a past notes on their website, they are always there to help.
The software they have created to download files is very user friendly and provides a quick and easy transfer of files which is necessary in the busy medical field. After the files have been transcribed the retrieval process of the notes is just as convenient. They are a wonderful team to work with and I would highly recommend using their services for all your transcription needs
One Transcription is a great transcription company, they are amazingly fast and accurate. The staff are always available when we need help with anything. Dr. Arias' office staff really enjoy working with this company and appreciate how smoothly things run. I would suggest them for your transcription needs!
I am writing this letter of recommendation for anyone interested in joining the "One Transcription" group. Since we have been a client of theirs for several years,we have had excellent customer service! They are extremely professional, accurate, punctual, and always easily reached for any situation. They will make your whole transition very smooth and easy. Your transcription will be tailored to your specific needs and done correctly! They make YOUR business their number one priority. If you decide to enter into business with One Transcription Services, you will never regret it.
We have been with them a short time, but has been a very good experience in trying to deal with our backlog when they started with us. We were so please that we decided to give them the contract.
They truly represent professionalism in their work, accuracy and prompts results, as we are CAH, we required our work in the timely manner. Through this process they have gained our trust and continue working with them.
They protect patient privacy and confidentiality, they deal with computer issues as they present themselves.
I highly recommend them.
I have used this service several times in the past as a backup to my own transcription business. They were friendly and eager to work with me to give me the support that I needed. I would highly recommend them for any transcription needs you may have. I'm sure you will receive the same prompt, friendly and knowledgeable service that I did!
We love One Transcription Services. You cannot beat their great customer service and friendly employees. Highly recommend this company!
We love One Transcription Services! They are so easy to work with and always give the most superb customer service.

From our Transcriptionists

I have been doing MT work for about the past 35 years and worked for many different services/hospitals, etc. I just want to say that OTS is ONE OF THE BEST out there and I thoroughly enjoy working with Jen and the facilities that I transcribe for!! KUDOS to OTS!!!!
Julie T
I love working at One Transcription. The Director of Operations, Jen, is great to work for. On the MT front, she is always available to answer questions and make sure we have what we need to turn out a quality report with an efficient TAT. Her willingness to assign reports in terms of providers and specialties you are experienced with when possible works as an advantage for both the MT and the client. Jen is also able to help with most technical problems that invariably arise on a number of different platforms. I have worked for other transcription companies and this one outshines them all on almost every level. With the supportive friendly work environment and the exceptional clients I have the privilege of typing for, I cannot imagine working anywhere else.
Karla W
I have worked for One Transcription Services since it began providing services three years ago. Prior to that I also worked with Jen, who currently works in the office and keeps everything running smoothly. I would highly recommend OTS because I know how hard all the transcribers work and I know that Jen makes sure that things are taken care of in a timely manner. She is available 24/7 to make sure that the client's work gets done when they need it, even in the middle of the night, holidays, weekends, etc. When transcribers have computer problems, Jen is always there to make sure we can get back up and running as soon as possible. All of the transcribers work together as a team to cover each other when someone is unavailable. We work hard to make sure our clients are taken care of accurately, timely, and professionally at all times.
Tina M
I have been typing for OTS for 3 years now. I have plenty of work and always get paid on time. Jen, Director of Operations, is always right there to answer any questions or to help with computer problems. OTS is a great company to type for!
Julie N
I have worked for OTS for 3 years. I have never had any issues at all. There is great communication with Jen, the Director of Operations. She is always available for questions and makes sure that the clients and the MTs are taken care of.
Chris S
I have typed for One Transcription Services since the company started and with Jen prior to that. This company is so supportive of us in all the ways one can imagine, from tech issues with our computers, to helping make our typing easier and faster, to time off, to extra work if we desire, they are always right there for us. I am very, very proud to say I type for One Transcription Services.
Carol H