If you are interested in accepting work from One Transcription Services, please send your information and availability to info@onetranscription.com


One Transcription Services hires independent contractors on a per-need basis.  All IC transcriptionists must have at least 3 years’ experience with transcription and able to provide 98% (or better) accuracy.


As an independent contractor, you have the comfort of working from your home and the flexibility of setting your own hours and amount of work.


One Transcription Services does the following transcription:

  • Medical Transcription
  • Legal Transcription
  • Academic Transcription
  • Research Transcription
  • Law Enforcement Transcription (Criminal background check required)
  • Corporate Transcription


Required hardware/software:

  • Windows-based computer with Windows 8.1 or newer.  Windows 7 is not an acceptable operating system, as it has reached end of life and security updates are not available.
  • Microsoft Office 2010 or newer.  Student and teacher versions are not compatible.
  • USB foot pedal (we recommend Infinity).
  • Wav Player (Bytescribe, Express Scribe or similar).
  • Quality headphones.